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September 14, 2012 · 3:16 am


Sometimes we just have to give up

Divulge ourselves in the basking dusk

There’s a pain so deep that can’t be written with words

A pain that makes you wish to freeze the whole world

My mother raised me to stand alone

If ever came a day when I would be on my own

Now that a loss of sweet symphonies has come along

I can’t fathom the pain for what it brings on

A broken window doesn’t need replacing

Simply change the glass in the casing

But with the makeup of genes and the impossibility of reversing aging

Mortality ensues and your personalities leave with you.

No wonder fear is brought on by the unknown of one’s dying

A lot of hours will be spent in your new destination

You’ll have a good excuse now for procrastination

Sorry you’re gone and know you’re now well

Glad that your pain has deceased; you’re no longer going through hell

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