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Together we may struggle

but without you, I feel is pain.

Sometimes I may seem confused

but there is one thing I won’t change.


These feelings for you get stronger each day

Sometimes when you’re gone they hurt in a way

Life without you is something that seems impossible now

For I know in my heart you won’t let me down


I understand this world more then you may know.

I couldn’t believe in love’s fate

Each feeling I fought with all my might

Although there is a truth I’d like to write.


We are both well equipped with scars,

with memories that we can not seem to face

but together somehow the past has no room

In your hands my heart is no longer blue


This is a choice I have made.

I understand the risk I did take.

When I allowed you into my heart my dear

Sometimes of my heart breaking, I fear


If you do stumble or fall into a million pieces

please don’t forget to take me to those special places

In your head, heart and mind is where I want to be

Cause babe, my desire for you will never cease.




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Is It Sunny Side Up or Over Easy?

Sometimes I sit here broken hearted thinking about the days

When I had no cares and lived everyday in a daze

I’m older now and have lots of mind left to grow

No end in sight for this power’s so slow

Wanting to make things better

Wanting to change the world

Forcing miracles to happen

Experimenting for cures

Running from place to place breaking my neck

Getting boney fingers and breaking a sweat

Drenched in fear, constantly looking for slack

Get me the hell out of here

There’s no time for that

What if life started differently new?

Would it contain a middle verse?

What if the past always changed?

Would it have a similar course?

If we were left for dead

Quickly would anyone show?

Laying so graciously still

Years worth of blanket thick snow

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Be true to your love when it starts to rain

It will weigh you down bringing antagonizing pain

We all suffer a bit different

Some hold it together quite well

As for others they seek solitary

A compartment in which to crawl

Tenderness in somewhere to lay down and dwell


Not anywhere to fear the past, present or future

Just a place to hide for when they want nothing to do with it all

An accommodating fortress that will whsiper security

The closets beneath the stairs that has muzzled many of their cares

Wicker baskets for clothing swaddling every worry away

The alcove in the barn shutting out the troubling day

The rumbling engine on the frame with wheels and the tunes

Cranking the stereo making their dreams feel real without pending doom


We all get through life a bit different

We all see things more clear

When we do one of the things

That make our freedom seem real

It’s the fact of the matter

Freedom only comes with the pleasure

Of simple things that remind us of everything that we treasure


So sit back and enjoy life

Don’t spare any thoughts

To the tormenting troubles

That each ones of us got

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Sometimes people just don’t understand what it’s like
To be haunted by death
To be haunted by life

To people without this unfathomable gift
It can’t be turned off like any button or switch
It follows you everywhere, wherever you go
It’s like a misunderstood web fan or lousy night stalker
You can hear it and see it
Sometimes taste it and smell it.
However the fear originates in the touching
It can take over your head and not ever once mind.
Do you know what it’s like to talk to the dead alive?
To know things without lecture?
To smell an idea or thought?
To hear silent treatment?
To see the kettle say “You’re black,” to the pot?
These are my everyday pleasures
But they are nothing I want
I crave to unknow the truth
Wishing for screaming of silence
Desperate for a blank canvas to watch as the beautiful sun rises
When you have it, you hate it
If inexperienced, you’re jealous
Sometimes things to be studied are better off when unguided.

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Sometimes we just have to give up

Divulge ourselves in the basking dusk

There’s a pain so deep that can’t be written with words

A pain that makes you wish to freeze the whole world

My mother raised me to stand alone

If ever came a day when I would be on my own

Now that a loss of sweet symphonies has come along

I can’t fathom the pain for what it brings on

A broken window doesn’t need replacing

Simply change the glass in the casing

But with the makeup of genes and the impossibility of reversing aging

Mortality ensues and your personalities leave with you.

No wonder fear is brought on by the unknown of one’s dying

A lot of hours will be spent in your new destination

You’ll have a good excuse now for procrastination

Sorry you’re gone and know you’re now well

Glad that your pain has deceased; you’re no longer going through hell

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You can’t see my visions or thoughts
A nobody just breathing in the toxicity of poverty’s rot
I’m still living, never to be run down
You will never discourage me, I will not frown
Soaring above the trees: the nectar of reality’s fruit
Paralyzing my mind and turned me bulletproof

Targeting pictures of some demonic research
Tossed away in the gutter like some passerby’s dirt
Indestructible gods will never take to my game
No falsehood or vague notion just to gain a name.
Absurd relations have ensured contours in my path
Carrying me onward through forsaken land

I  was born with features that will not be some statistical measure.
My words make you laugh?
Good, then here’s something to treasure
You will not find me after crossing over
For I will not be taking your path

Errand need to be done, no time for fun
No one ever spoon fed me
Irrational morals and illogical beliefs are for simple minds only
For I am a mould of perfection with plenty of flaws
Which had been sculpted into a beautiful moth

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In a pensive state of mind, the world feels like it’s crumbling all around.

The cosmos of amity have destroyed all vivacious emotions.

Nocturnal pleasures and day lighted treasures have lifted my cadaver

Gliding off to a far away division of some doleful domain.

No rhapsodic aorta will transcribe my retrospectives.

Jaunty feelings will concur the careworn dimensions.

A parallel universe will dement the outspoken ways

Permitting lucubrations to be shared among each other freely in non-judgemental displays

Must this be all that’s left of a fully lived life?

Do the characters change over an unknown period of time?

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