Be true to your love when it starts to rain

It will weigh you down bringing antagonizing pain

We all suffer a bit different

Some hold it together quite well

As for others they seek solitary

A compartment in which to crawl

Tenderness in somewhere to lay down and dwell


Not anywhere to fear the past, present or future

Just a place to hide for when they want nothing to do with it all

An accommodating fortress that will whsiper security

The closets beneath the stairs that has muzzled many of their cares

Wicker baskets for clothing swaddling every worry away

The alcove in the barn shutting out the troubling day

The rumbling engine on the frame with wheels and the tunes

Cranking the stereo making their dreams feel real without pending doom


We all get through life a bit different

We all see things more clear

When we do one of the things

That make our freedom seem real

It’s the fact of the matter

Freedom only comes with the pleasure

Of simple things that remind us of everything that we treasure


So sit back and enjoy life

Don’t spare any thoughts

To the tormenting troubles

That each ones of us got


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