Down And Out Of Line (poem by Fancy Khaos)

Never knew what you had until it was gone

Bet you’re sorry now that I moved on

Tired of the lies and your poor pity me game

Tired of giving more energy to our friendship than you ever gave


It wasn’t carelessness or even a blind eye turned toward

It was a simple fact that you gave up being my friend because you were bored

Sorry that I wasted your time making sure you were warm

Just the thought of you going through that, my heart was torn


Sorry I ensured that you survived each month by giving you anything I could

Sorry that I got sick and for help I asked just like you would

Sorry for ensuring you were compensated for everything that you did

Sorry for supporting you when the depression would hit

Sorry I got along with you as well as we did


One thing I’m not sorry for is telling you like it is

How selfish you sounded

How rude you had been

I never passed judgement, always ran to help you if you’d fall

I will no longer be there to make you feel tall.


Hope you enjoy the web you wove

Hope you have a long enough rope

Hope you are comfy in the bed you made

Hopefully that conscience of your’s doesn’t keep you awake


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