You Bit Off Your Nose? (Just To Spite Your Face?) poem

I hope it hurts like hell when there’s a lot to say

When there’s no one around ’cause you threw them away

When there’s not a soul left to turn to

I hope your bones ache with your penetrating deceit

With every teardrop you’ve inflicted on the ones you meet

The sorrow and agony that you’ve claimed to feel

From all the terrors and anguish you’ve supposedly endure


As I sit here thinking, “Am I seeing this clear?”

“Did I really just read that?” I stopped dead like a deer

If that says what I think, I then no longer mean a thing

I contemplate the past; unknowingly I begin to sing


First with the fast fun songs then some old slow hits

Out of the dark comes the most furious demonic fashionable mix

I soon then realize that I felt the truth

What the monkey sees, it will soon do


So with my tail twix my legs, I bite the head off the snake

Preparing to be damned, just accepting your hate

For I may fall, I may crumble, maybe even stay down for the count

But unlike you, my dear, I won’t allow myself to be knocked out.

I am far too strong and too wise to tap out

For never again will there be another bought


You were through with me, your excuses rang clear

Blamed everyone except yourself, it is you that you should fear

The fake friend that hugged me, the child that never grew up

Hope you realize what you’re like after bottoms up


By Fancy Khaos


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