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A voice in the dark sounds of heartache aflame 

And memories as hoarse as black roses 

The strangling sourness of fear and of pain 

With the blinding aroma of choices 

In a complete room surrounded alone

Grabbed by a glimmer of lights 

Risking pleasurable stabbings at home 

With the glamour cuts of the knife 

Reciting the moves being bent like the stairs 
Of having the unknown friends take ahold 
The comforting beasts was intolerant of cares 
If not for the devil, my soul they would’ve also sold 

Comprehend things so to undertand 
Reach for every desire 
I still prefer to have black roses in hand 
And my broken heart on fire

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You can’t see my visions or thoughts
A nobody just breathing in the toxicity of poverty’s rot
I’m still living, never to be run down
You will never discourage me, I will not frown
Soaring above the trees: the nectar of reality’s fruit
Paralyzing my mind and turned me bulletproof

Targeting pictures of some demonic research
Tossed away in the gutter like some passerby’s dirt
Indestructible gods will never take to my game
No falsehood or vague notion just to gain a name.
Absurd relations have ensured contours in my path
Carrying me onward through forsaken land

I  was born with features that will not be some statistical measure.
My words make you laugh?
Good, then here’s something to treasure
You will not find me after crossing over
For I will not be taking your path

Errand need to be done, no time for fun
No one ever spoon fed me
Irrational morals and illogical beliefs are for simple minds only
For I am a mould of perfection with plenty of flaws
Which had been sculpted into a beautiful moth

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In a pensive state of mind, the world feels like it’s crumbling all around.

The cosmos of amity have destroyed all vivacious emotions.

Nocturnal pleasures and day lighted treasures have lifted my cadaver

Gliding off to a far away division of some doleful domain.

No rhapsodic aorta will transcribe my retrospectives.

Jaunty feelings will concur the careworn dimensions.

A parallel universe will dement the outspoken ways

Permitting lucubrations to be shared among each other freely in non-judgemental displays

Must this be all that’s left of a fully lived life?

Do the characters change over an unknown period of time?

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Take my hand, come closer

 I lie down, shut my eyes

 Hug me, lean on my shoulder

 And dared to go back

 Trust me, close your eyes,

 A part of me, my past

 I’ll dry those tears away

 Dig deeper as far as I can

 Hush my precious, it’ll be alright

 Decisions I made back then

 Open your eyes look into mine

 That led me to where I am

 Let me caress that beautiful face

 There were some things

 Move on, your life has just began

 Some choices I have made

 Heartache is just but part of it

 That couldn’t have been any better

 Go on, the journey you must take

 But when I reached the part

 Leave the pain behind, walk the path

 Where I have met you

 Explore, there is more to life

 All regrets will fade away

 I am not going anywhere

 Because I know in my heart

 Always run to me whenever

 Those bad choices I’ve made

 Count on it, I won’t forsake you,

 Led me to your arms

 I’ll be two steps behind you

 And I wouldn’t trade that for the world



See You Someday (poem)

In the field where we once stood
They now lay beneath the streets
The tales you told me in confidence
Are the only things I have left to keep

Never wanting to lose that way
Though I really had no choice
You were stripped of you life innocently
Left with us as your only voice

So scared of where life will take me
Without you by my side
Weak without a pulse
My pen is the only one who’ll confide

Wanting things to go back the same
I know this will only help me grow
Can’t ever see you again
Until the final day
I hope

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Missing Since Dec. 2010 – Shana Carter – Canada

Missing & Unidentified People

UPDATE: 09/27/12 Grimsby: Shana Carter found deceased, Boyfriend Charged:

The boyfriend of a woman whose remains were found near Parry Sound last week has been charged with killing her.

Christopher Lee Sharples, 35, was arrested Thursday afternoon in connection with the disappearance and murder of Shana Carter and has been charged with first-degree murder.

Sharples and Carter lived together in a home on Arrowhead Lane in east Grimsby along with Carter’s infant son.

Carter was reported missing to Peel Regional police by her sister on Dec. 11, 2010; she was 25 at the time.

CHCH-TV was reporting that Sharples has said previously that the last time he saw his companion was the night of Dec. 4, 2010 when she went outside at about 10:30 p.m. to have a cigarette.

Carter’s remains were found last Friday in a wooded area in Blair Township, off Highway 522 and just south of…

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End Over Began (poem)


A mystery deep down within

Sending bulletproof heartaches into a barrel of grim

Shattering splinters fly through the floor

Telling the dragon lady there’s bound to be more

It starts to grow dim


Holding a locket containing the cure

Waiting for the perfect time to retrieve it

Seeing chaos just about to develop

The traveling victims duck their heads in shame

For the beast was unleashed right after they came


Nothing but silence was left to be heard

Until the scale covered femme presented a gem

Peace bestowed upon the realm

Sacred items collected by rightful owners

No one ever forgetting the day the world almost was over


By Krystal McCollum aka Fancy Khaos

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