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Change Of Heart (poem)


(This Image Is Not My Own)


Someday it will strike you as odd

You’ll never know where you’re going

You’ll never stray too far


Someday it while seem simple to just let everyone go

You’ll never care about their feelings

You’ll never be aware your own


One day when you realize this was for real

One day you’ll see it was a really big deal


That will be then, if and ever when

That will be the day you realized you lost a friend


One who stood by your side and never judged you

One who always came through after saying they’ll see what they could do


No loss on their side

They always carried your weight

No need for a fight

They have better things to do


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Undiscovered Soil (poem by Fancy Khaos)

Maybe I had it coming

Maybe I made it all blow away

Maybe I dug too deep

Maybe I asked for it

Crawling through the desert on a sandy dusty road

Living the Spanish dream on time that’s never been told

Lifelessly free and giving way to the breeze

Touch me once where I stand

Run away with me to a land

Never seeing what’s left to do

Surrender with me my mind

Careful and gentle like the breeze holds destine my heart

Passion of justice creeps into sight hold me back for love will die

But my ground keeps sinking

But my hands are still cold

But my walls are shaking

But my mind I can’t control

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The Best Things (poem by Fancy Khaos)

Some days we pretend that it all means the same

Like nothing ever changes

Like nothing goes away

Things can be relentless

Things can dissolve the truth

Things can make an impression on you

Make you not want to move

If you ever found out that nothing remains

Would it make you back down?

Wouldn’t make your life change

Would it make you more serious?

Or make you laugh out loud

Would it make you sit in the corner and never come out?

Sometimes the best things in life

Are easy and cheap

Most of the time the best things in life are free

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