I’m Sure It’s Only A Dream (poem)

Sometimes it’s hard to focus with all this dread

Just like a thousand needles poking into my head

Only daring to struggle holds the threat

My life’s full purposed is to wind up dead

Sometimes I feel older than old man winter

My heart’s glazing over with ice and grows colder

My shoulders bear a weight sinking me deep into soil

Burrowing down inside the earth’s crusty shelter

I hope to hide away from all the devouring sombres

Waking me, screaming out in horrendous torture

It would be nice to be fed from a silver platter

Seeing there’s people live life in pain

No one to help them feel stronger

It hurts to see no one rescued from such broken streets

From walking on glass with no shoes on their feet

I will just close my eyes and drift away into sleep

I’m sure all these horrible things are just a really bad dream


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