Shakespear Was Right

 Poem by Fancy Khaos


Lights up, eyes open

The film’s beginning to roll

Water breaks, cries, screams

This is where life starts

The character and setting

Welcoming the new baby home

For years of loin clothes; toys broken and thrown

Dogs barking, cats hissing; dwelling is ripped fully apart

The plot, main villain

Schoolings to teach and financing the crude

Keeping the youngster’s tank topped

Skipping a beat; completely mucking things up

The change, still trucking; growing at the speed of light

New friends, fresh looks; “you don’t get their life”

Trying to unleash a new taste in a dull boring light

They grew up too quick

Coming home late, drunk and scarred one night

Forgiving their short-comings

Testing yourself in ways never before known

Caring for them unconditionally, compassionately

Discretely, forbid they ever know

That would make them uncool and geeky

Almost making them want to drool

In the end, it’s all the same

They move out one day

Go their own separate ways

Looking back on what they thought they knew

Not ever having the slightest clue

Until one day they fess up and say

Thanks for everyday you’ve raised my chin

Made me look where I step; suck in my pride and chest

Thanks for never giving up on me

When I’ve done something wrong

Loving each flaw of me

Each unique about you has made me what I am today

 In my heart, you will always stay

The climax of my life was reached

When what came from you passed onto me

Ending the tale, credits will run

The curtain’ll go down, the lights’ll come up

Just then a new character and setting will start

For this tender heart is just one of the movie parts


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