I’ve Already Made A Fresh Start (poem)

I still find it hard to comprehend the day you died
Feels like my life drew closer to the end
You held the key to my heart when we were 14 years old
Now 13 years later I still expect to hear your voice on the phone
Saying hello every time an unknown number calls
Whispering sweet nothings into my ear
Like you had never left me alone
I still wake up at night half thinking you’re here
Seeing you standing outside my door
I wander over to see more clear
Vanishing as quickly as you came about
I grasp the ring on a chain hanging around my neck
Something I seldom choose to wear
I guess it`s the fear of losing it somewhere
That keeps it locked up tight inside a box
Resting in a place that no one will have ever thought
I close my eyes and count to 10
Hopefully, then, you`ll appear inside my head
Fading pictures are all I have left and still turning white
Soon, I will not be able to remember at all
Standing beside you, I felt so small
I knew you were always there to catch me if ever I`d fall
Shaking my head, removing all thoughts
I can`t focus on the past now
I`ve already made a fresh start

by Fancy Khaos aka K. McCollum


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