Knowing One Certainty In Life is More Than Enough (poem)

Fading images written on the wall

Cascading pain scouring away my heart

My mind, body and soul are torn

Ripped apart into pieces and strewn about on the floor

Don’t tell me this is all just a painless dream

Everyone knows things are not always as they seem

But sometimes repetition is just a way to prove

That your suspicions are more than often, definitely true

Quick, run, hurry, jump into the groove

You can’t hide away from the battle

You will eventually lose

No armour or weapon can cut through the force

Slipping away to the shadows

In and out of a daze

Hoping the tremors will finally fade away

Shaking uncontrollable issues one last warning sign

That this is it

You are going to die

Wishing your goodbyes were not required at this time

Shaking your head in denial

Asking, continuously, “Why?”

Why fend off the pleasures of filling the void with more pain?

Why dance with no shoes in the warm puddles while it rains?

It’s feels good to be human, even when times are so tough

But that’s the one certain thing, and it’s more than enough

By Fancy Khaos aka K. McCollum


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