The Light Shone Through Finally (poem)

You can see him stumbling down the road

Walking forward nice and slow

Looking for a place to go

Head spinning in circles

Every sound or noise ‘round each corner

Prepared to battle for his life

His heart racing faster than a jet

Blood as thick as oil

Dripping down his chest

Scratched and gashed

Beaten and bruised

The man he’s become

Now must pick and choose

Stay in the rain and suffer pain

Or fall victim to a runaway train

Changes are made once the glass is shook

The apple falls

The branch has broke

Now beaten lifeless on the floor

A shell so full of misguide hate

No breath is left

No movements made

A tower of might crumbled in one swift swing

The angered soul with his pedigree

No longer beneath it

No more feeling of shame

He can now hold his head high

He won’t deny the blame

He did what was needed

Defense it sure was

Now give him his treat

A good boy he was

No more shrinking to ashes

No more bashing his skull

The beatings are done

He’s through the black hole

By Fancy Khaos aka K. McCollum


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