Lost All Abilities

How come when I have something that makes me who I am

Someone always has to have something similar

Something only I been known to have

Out of the two of us

Up until that point

They’ve never spoke of it before

Almost like when I spoke of it, it opened a door

That said “come right on in.

Take a seat and I’ll start

Opening up to you

My soul and my heart

And pick what things you like

And pretend you have them too

Just so that you can seem better

Go ahead, pick and choose.”


The sign continues to say

“I’m someone unique

So any qualities you like

Just steal them from me

Then you’ll dilute yourself into

Believing that you have what I do

You’ll think you seem better than I do you.

It’s okay to be the same

I will now just go ahead and get out of your way

So you can pretend that you’re me.”


This sign seems to appear when I really don’t want it to show

It seems to draw in every creep that I’ve ever have known

These creeps seem to be those whom I once valued as friends

Now all it does is turn them into the upmost atrocious blends

Of abilities and qualities that I still attain

Yet now I seem less special to myself everyday

I no longer feel different

I barely enjoy being myself

They have taken everything I had

And now I feel left out

Somehow they’ve mocked who I am

Just by making known what they “have”

Making a big deal about it, whereas I never had

I kept it to only a special few

That I thought were deserving to know

What I felt was unique now only seem faded and old


If my ego was the only thing that was bruised by their choice

Then why, oh why, do I have less and less of a voice

Should I have not said anything?

Should have just stayed quiet my whole life

Tell me why do I feel they have befriended me with spite?

 Should I go on pretending that they’ve never hurt me at all?

Or should I forget that they exist and carry this chain and ball?


poem by Fancy Khaos aka K. McCollum


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