Does the Government of Ontario really have our best interests in mind?

It’s slowly come to my attention that our government for Ontario have NOT done their math correctly. The following reasons will help explain my findings:

  1. Downtown had several traffic lights removed because there was not enough of a volumn to require them, however having the traffic changed back to two-way from one way traffic was supposed to increase the volumn of traffic.
  2. There is a new Performing Arts centre that will be constructed on the corner of St Paul Street and Carlisle Street that, upon completion, will hopefully increase the volumn of traffic downtown, yet taking several years and not to mention dollars from the budget, which I’m sure there will be a funding issue therefore prolonging the eye soar of a construction site.
  3. A new arena for the Ice dogs to play home game in combination with the arts centre will cost the city $52.6 million to $63 milllion , yet the seymore-Hannah Entertainment centre (Sportsplex) was just completed in 2004.
  4. The new Kiwanis Aquatics centre will run up a tab of $19.57 million approximately and The Government of Ontario will provide $4.5 million dollars of that, Now tell me, how much it will be for public admission to this facility?
  5. The new parking garage on Carlisle Street is rounding the finish. The cost? $28 million dollars. How long it took before the government funded the project? At least a decade..
  6. The hospital underway on Fourth Avenue, oh yes, lucky for Niagara Health Services, they won the argument regarding how it would be less expensive to build a new hospital instead of sinking money into rebuilding The Hotel Dieu on Ontario Street and The St Catharines General on Queenston Street. Now they are making the new “state-of-the-art” hospital that will have less privacy, vacancy and located inconvieniently for those whom have no means of transportation yet don’t require an ambulance and have no funds for public transportation in case they actually live another day.


Last but not least, as job cuts increase, how will Ontario’s deficit decrease when no one can find any work to pay the taxes that have been hiked in order to fund these projects?


See this is only the beginning of the projects that us taxpayers have started to fund, yet the recreational budget is demandingly high and it makes me wonder, will any new recreational facilities be of any use when no one has the money or the health and well-being to go utilize them when we have been taxed in every way possible and, to top it off, walking our way to the new outskirts of town hospital because I clearly cannot see the silver-lining in this mess that has been considered to be welcomed by so many.


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