The vicious cycle

Just reaching the stars
Feeling there’s no way she’ll go back
Not caring about choices
Not sure of what she lacks
She is diluted into thinking
She can be whatever she wants
With just a little hard work
Her life wouldn’t be too hard

Yet as time goes by she falls into a hole
Too many mistakes have taken a strong hold
She will never know what she’s missing
Because she’s ignored it before
Until now she’s been deceiving herself more and more

Is there anything out there that she hasn’t tried?
Is there things she’s missed that could make her feel whole inside?
Just going through the motions of living day after day
No love in her life with whom she can go out and play

Before she finds answers, they flash in front of her eyes
They show her that no matter what she has done
She has never tried to just enjoy what she has
She’s never just let chips fall where they may
She’s been so busy forcing things to go her way
Now there is no time to turn back
Wasted away, living a miserable life
Too old to make a difference, but too young to die

By Fancy Khaos aka K. McCollum


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