My first post with a poem

I have just started blogging for the first time here at and would love any help that can keep me on top of the game. If you see any way I can improve, don’t be shy. Thanks! 🙂

I figure I would give you a taste of what’s in store. I write poetry and short stories and hope it may become something that people enjoy to read.


Disturbing the soil on unmarked graves

A shadow is screaming out in pain

So many lives lost now part of the ground

Too many restless souls never been found


Until now, they show themselves

They speak in an image so clear the blind can feel

This is unfathomable wreckage, penetrating torture

Even to those so shallow that water can’t even moisture


Their future was taken, clueless they lived on

Alone and shaken, ripped away from their home

Seeking a seer to help them to shelter

To guiding them through the door


Unquestionable tragedies considered MIAs

Gone for a walk never returning that day

Years gone passed, sold to the next event

Generations are speaking, now listen up



Take a stand when you’re seated

Fail to struggle when roughed up

Live through the eyes of the beholder

Learn when enough is enough


Felines hunt mice, though they are prey

Canine teeth bite just to get away

Speak any tongue you like, just be sure it’s your own

Everyone’s different but always themselves at home

Poem by Fancy Khaos aka K. McCollum


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